Soursop Graviola Review

What is Graviola?

GraviolaGraviola, also known as soursop is a 100% natural supplement of the Puerto Rican forest, extracted from graviola tree. Graviola tree is a native to the Amazon River basin. Its extract has shown to have numerous benefits.

What are the benefits of Graviola?

Studies done by different medical research institutes suggest that the extract contains powerful acetogenins which are extremely powerful to delaying the growth of malignant cells such as cancer cells. In addition, the chemicals found in the leaves of Graviola show positive contribute cell regeneration, preventing the deterioration of patients with degenerative diseases. In addition, Graviola extract improves the digestive system to help the assimilation of nutrients.

How is Graviola extract prepared?

The extract is removed from the leaves of the tree. Compared to other herbal preparations, the extract is more superior as many of its medical properties are contained in the roots, leaves, bark and stem are not soluble in water. The extract is more potent than other formulations, it is easier to digest the body.

Other Ways to use graviola

Tea: tea can be prepared from its leaves. Soursop tea alleviates a number of ailments such as insomnia and diabetes

Seeds: the seeds of this fruits are crushed to form powder which is used to treat external and internal parasites.

Warning about usage of Graviola extract

Individuals who want to use the product should note the following;

*Graviola Soursop extract is not recommended for for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. It may affect the unborn child leading to miscarriage, premature birth or may cause improper growth of the new born.

*Research has proven that Graviola worsens the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

*It’s a very hypertensive agent. Therefore, people suffering from hypertension, high blood pressure or cardiac diseases can be affected seriously if they consume the extract.

*It reacts negatively with certain drugs like antidepressants and MAO inhibitors.